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Dec 05 - STaC Game
Dec 05 - Open Game Director: Kathy
Dec 07 - STaC Game
Dec 07 - Open Game Director: Kathy
Dec 08 - STaC Game
Dec 08 - Open Game Director: Kathy
Dec 11 - STaC Game
Dec 11 - Mauna Kea Christmas Brunch & Game...
Dec 12 - Open Game Director: Sue
Dec 12 - Charity for Hospice

In Remembrance...

Aloha and Welcome to the Kona Bridge Club

All bridge players and visitors are welcome.  Kona Bridge Club is an ACBL sanctioned non-profit organization dedicated to serving the duplicate bridge community on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We meet at The Bridge Building at the  Makua Lani Christian Academy, 74-4966 Kealaka'a Street, Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  Drive to the north end of Kealaka`a Street, turn left through Makua Lani Academy's gate and follow the driveway to the bottom.  It will turn to the right and the words 'The Bridge Building' are in large block letters on the building.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.   More About Big Island Clubs.

Kona Bridge News & Announcements


President's Message

      President's Message

President’s Update, 11/22/16

Aloha KBC Members,

The KBC Board of Directors met on November 19th, 2016 and welcomed new board members as well as those faithful members who continue to serve the club.  The new members are:  Chuck Clark as Treasurer and he will continue as the Unit Representative and three new Members at large:  Lois Griffiths, Sharon Weber, and Dan Sabo.   The full list of board members is listed on the home page of our website.

I also want to send a special Mahalo to Polly Beynon who will serve as Hospitality Committee Chair, and Beth Reid who has assumed the duties of providing snacks and beverages for our club games to give Sally and Walt Bobb a well deserved break after doing this for 3 years.

We are fortunate to have Patrick Kallaus relocate to Kona and he will be involved in directing for our club, mentoring directors and providing some short Q&A sessions for our members.  Please welcome Patrick and his wife Penny to our club.

The Christmas Party at Mauna Kea will held on December 11, 2016.  The brunch begins at 11:30 a.m. and will be subsidized by the KBC so members will only have to pay $25 to enjoy this fabulous buffet.  The game will begin at 12:45 p.m. in the Lloyd Sexton Gallery (our usual room).  Patrick Kallaus will be directing and we hope to have two sections.

I want to thank Dan Sabo for his leadership as President of KBC and am grateful to have him here to guide me through the process of being your new President.  I also offer my deepest appreciation to Sara Ito who supported me as a co-manager and now as President.  I could not do this without her.

Bev Jefferson

Christmas Party

Annual Holiday Brunch & Bridge

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Sunday, December 11, 2016

11:30am BRUNCH,

12:45pm BRIDGE

STaC Game (Silver Points!)
Two Sections:  Open and 199er(less than 200MP for each player)

Prizes awarded in each section

Brunch Cost is $25 for Kona Bridge Club members, $60 for guests

Pay:  Dan Sabo - Checks made to Kona Bridge Club

$5 Player fee for Bridge collected at the game

Sign-up:  on Clipboard at the Bridge Building

Questions:  Marlene or Dan Sabo


                  326-4700 or 990-1889

Education Mahalo

Mahalo for all of your work promoting Bridge


Dan is teaching an hour long elective class to 13 5th through 8th graders for one quarter, once a week for 8 weeks.  This is the second year he has taught this class.
He is using a program called Minibridge. Minibridge is a simplified form of the complex card game Contract Bridge.  It is designed to expose newcomers to declarer and defensive playing techniques without the burden of learning a detailed bridge bidding system. The game was first introduced in France and the Netherlands in the 1990s.


Rexanne is teaching more advanced concepts to her original students The students are those who had taken at least 2 series of our classes previously. We covered 1 NT responses, all 2 opening bids, takeout doubles, defensive leads, and how to fill out the convention card. Most of these topics were suggested by the students at our first class.

She had 3-4 tables and met for 4 classes at Kuleana school.



199er Sections

Attention all newer players with less than 200 MasterPoints. 

199er sections are a separate game for players with less than 200 Master Points each.  We have two opportunities for this competition coming up:

  • Our December 11 STaC game and Holiday Event at Mauna Kea - for details for the Holiday Party see the flyer above.
  • We will be including a 199er section in our regular game on Thursday, December 15.

If you are new to duplicate bridge try it out with this low stress option.  You will only be competing with other pairs who have 199 or fewer MasterPoints for each person. 


Board/Committee Members

Kona Bridge Club is a non-profit organization which depends on the participation of our members in day-to-day operation. Below is a list of the 'official' officers and committee members.  They will be happy to talk with you about additional ways to help out.

Kona Bridge Club
Officers, Board, Committee Chairs, and Manager for 2016-2017

Beverly Jefferson………………………..President
Sue Kaneta………………………………..Vice-president
Lynn Puri…………………………………...Secretary
Chuck Clark……………………………….Treasurer

Board Members at Large:
Shirley Decker
Dan Sabo
Rexanne Ring
Craig Ross
Sharon Weber
Lois Griffiths

Committee Chairs:
Polly Beynon-Hospitality
Shirley Decker-Partnerships
Rexanne Ring-Education
Beverly Jefferson-Public Relations/Media
Sara Ito-Website Manager

Unit Board Representatives:
Chuck Clark
Rexanne Ring

Club Manager:
Sara Ito

Last Month's Results - October

Results of the American Contract Bridge Club for the month of October 2016:

Oct 3      1st Dean Jenkins and Gail Hadovsky, 2nd JoAn Hill and Jean Cole

Oct 5      1st Dan Sabo and Rexanne Ring, 2nd JoAn Hill and Shirley Decker

Oct 6      1st Chuck Clark and Gail Hadovsky, 2nd Sue Brown and Kathy Golitzen

Oct 9      N/S 1st David Dodson and Walter Knox, 2nd Pat Montgomery and Niel Thomas

                E/W 1st Allan Young and Harry Messenheimer, 2nd Dean Jenkins and Pascal Fouque

Oct 10   Swiss Team 1st Dean Jenkins, Richard Gittelman, Dee Overton, Peter Mitchell

                Swiss Team 2nd Marlene Sabo, Chuck Clark, Dickie Motherwell, Gail Buck

Oct 12   Swiss Team 1st Dean Jenkins, Richard Gittelman, Dee Overton, Peter Mitchell

                Swiss Team 2nd tied Walter Knox, Dickie Motherwell, Terry Elston, Annabelle Shallenberger

                Swiss Team 2nd tied Polly Beynon, Alice Goo, Eleanor Ramsey, Sue Kaneta

Oct 13   1st JoAn Hill and Sharon Weber, 2nd Mary Lean and Norman Lean

Oct 17   Swiss Team 1st Dean Jenkins, Richard Gittelman, Dee Overton, Peter Mitchell

                Swiss Team 2nd Sharon Weber, Liz Holey, Gail Hadovsky, Susan Brown

Oct 19   N/S 1st Dee Overton and Kathy Golitzen, 2nd Shirley Decker and JoAn Hill

                E/W 1st Richard Gittelman and Dean Jenkins, 2nd Mary Lean and Norman Lean

Oct 22   N/S 1st Dee Overton and Richard Gittelman, 2nd Christine Hall and Pete Bowman

                E/W 1st Kathy Golitzen and Peter Golitzen, 2nd Mary Lean and Norman Lean

Oct 26   N/S 1st Dean Jenkins and Richard Gittelman, 2nd Stuart Vance and Peter Mitchell

                E/W 1st Mirjana Reams and Doug Wake, 2nd Pete Bowman and Christine Hall

Oct 27   1st tied Jean Cole/Gail Mullen, and Doug Wake/Mirjana Reams, 2nd Sue Kaneta/Jim Elstran

Oct 29   1st Christine Hall and Pete Bowman, 2nd Shirley Decker and Gail Mullen

Oct 31   N/S 1st Marlene Sabo and Audrey Mitchell, 2nd Gail Hadovsky and Dean Jenkins

                E/W 1st Shirley Decker and Rexanne Ring, 2nd Doug Wake and Mirjana Reams

Big Games in 2016

New Big Games in October 2016

70 Percent Game in October

72.22       Dan Sabo-Rexanne Ring              10/05/16

65 Percent Game in October

69.10        Dee Overton-Richard Gittelman     10/20/16

67.00         JoAn Hill-Sharon Weber               10/13/16

66.83        David Dodson-Walter Knox            10/09/16

66.51         Allan Young-Harry Messenheimer   10/09/16

2016 Kona Bridge Club Big Games

70 Percent Game

79.17         Chuck Clark-Dorothy Case             07/10/16

78.75         Kathy Golitzen-Dee Overton            05/18/16

76.15         Dean Jenkins-John Posluszny          02/17/16

75.00         Kathy Golitzen-Liz Holey                  03/10/16

72.95         Dean Jenkins-Richard Gittelman       05/18/16

72.92         Michael Folkert and Audrey Mitchell  06/09/16

72.32         Richard Gittelman-Susan Lee          04/27/16

72.22         Dan Sabo-Rexanne Ring                 10/05/16

71.67         Walt Bobb-Sally Bobb                     07/18/16

71.25         Jim Cheney-Gary Post                    03/24/16

71.00         Shirley Decker-Craig Ross              07/13/16

70.89         Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                06/27/16


65 Percent Game

69.64         Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross             01/06/16

69.17         Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross             03/14/16

69.10         Dee Overton-Richard Gittelman    10/20/16

69.00         Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross             07/11/16

68.45         Paul Benedict-Lynn Jones             01/31/16

68.13         Butchie Hayward-Jim Elstran         03/28/16

68.13         Dee Overton-Kathy Golitzen          08/10/16

67.81         Jim Elstran-Craig Ross                  02/17/16

67.65         Karol Monroe-Guy Monroe             08/28/16

67.56         Edward Schickli-Nancy Anderson   01/06/16

67.56         Dennis Barry-Faye Barry                02/24/16

67.56         Chuck Clark-JoAn Hill                     03/28/16

67.50         Carol Richards-Susan Lee              03/24/16

67.50         Shirley Decker-Gail Mullen              04/07/16

67.50         Susan Lee-Richard Gittelman          04/20/16

67.32         Kathy Golitzen-Peter Golitzen          05/11/16

67.00         JoAn Hill-Sharon Weber                  10/13/16

66.98         Kathy Golitzen-Sue Brown               09/19/16

66.90         Craig Ross-Dean Jenkins                01/13/16

66.83         David Dodson-Walter Knox            10/09/16

66.75         Kathy Golitzen-Peter Mitchell           01/11/16

66.67         Peter Golitzen-Brad Bart                 02/11/16

66.67         Shirley Decker-Gerald Mitchell         05/30/16

66.67         Alice Goo-Lynn Puri                        07/28/16

66.67        Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross                 08/17/16

66.61        Margaret Breeden-James Breeden   09/19/16

66.51        Allan Young-Harry Messenheimer      10/09/16

66.50         Walt Bobb-Sally Bobb                     07/21/16

66.37         Dee Overton-Kathy Golitzen             03/23/16

66.32         Dan Sabo-Rexanne Ring                  03/16/16

66.30         Sara Ito-Lois Griffiths                      03/28/16

66.15         Dee Overton-Kathy Golitzen             06/15/16

66.07         Shirley Decker-Marlene Sabo           04/27/16

66.07         Richard Gittelman-Dean Jenkins       05/04/16

65.84         Dee Overton-Kathy Golitzen              04/13/16

65.75         Kathy Golitzen-Peter Mitchell             05/02/16

65.63         Sue Cox-Rocky Otto                        07/10/16

65.63         Dickie Motherwell-Gail Buck             07/28/16

65.50         Lynn Puri and Peter Galbraith           09/14/16

65.48         Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross                  02/24/16

65.38         Shirley Decker-Craig Ross                06/06/16

65.26         Dee Overton-Peter Mitchell               02/15/16

65.00         Chuck Clark-Joan Shepherd              05/12/16

65.00         Gail Mullen-Shirley Decker                05/19/16

65.00         Dee Overton-Kathy Golitzen             07/06/16

65.00         Stuart Vance-Peter Mitchell              07/27/16

Congratulations on Your Achievement




Dee Overton


Sharon Bolton

Shelly Hershberger


Sara Ito


Alice Goo

Gail Hadovsky

Rexanne Ring


Roma Johnson

Sharon Weber