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Dec 18 - Open & 299er Game Director: P...
Dec 18 - Club Masterpoint
Dec 20 - Club Masterpoint
Dec 20 - Open Game Director: Patrick
Dec 21 - Club Masterpoint
Dec 21 - Open Game Director: Penny
Dec 25 - Merry Christmas-No Game
Dec 27 - Open Game Director: Dorothy
Dec 27 - Club Masterpoint
Dec 28 - Open Game Director: Dorothy

In Remembrance...

Aloha and Welcome to the Kona Bridge Club

All bridge players and visitors are welcome.  Kona Bridge Club is an ACBL sanctioned non-profit organization dedicated to serving the duplicate bridge community on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We meet at The Bridge Building at the  Makua Lani Christian Academy, 74-4966 Kealaka'a Street, Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  Drive to the north end of Kealaka`a Street, turn left through Makua Lani Christian Academy's gate and follow the driveway to the bottom.  It will turn to the right and the words 'The Bridge Building' are in large block letters on the building.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.   More About Big Island Clubs.

 Visit us on Facebook.

Kona Bridge News & Announcements


Holiday Game Mahalo

Mahalo to Kurt and Louise Weidner for all of the work they did making our

Holiday Game at Mauna Kea

a huge success

Not only did they coordinate with Mauna Kea and the members but they also transported all of the equipment needed plus card tables to the hotel for everyone's convenience.  That's service above and beyond.

Kona Bridge Club was also honored to Welcome ACBL President Bob Heller and Board of Governors VP Barbara Heller to our December 6 and 10 games.  Mahalo to Will Williams and Jack Buchanan for providing this opportunity.

STaC Games

December Western Conference STaC Games

Sectional Tournament at Clubs


To allow players to compete for Over-All Points each Open Game must have a minimum of 5 tables.  Over-All points are bonus points awarded to the top 5-10 Open Section  teams, depending on how many total teams compete Conference wide.  

If we do not have 5 full tables players still compete for local club Silver Points. 

Monday,  December 4, 1:00 - We will have both a 299er ection and an Open Section.  Open section must have at least 5 tables to allow players to compete for Over-All Silver Points which are awarded to the top 5-10 scores Conference Wide.

Wednesday, December 6, 1:00, Open game

Thursday, December 7, 1:00, Open game

Sunday, Decmeber 10, 9:30AM, both a 299er section and an Open Section


Wednesday Traffic Request

School is starting on Thursday, August 17 so please do not enter the gate until after 12:15 to allow students to leave.

Regular Wednesday Schedule:  Makua Lani students finish their day at 12:00 on Wednesdays which means they are all trying to drive out the gate at that time. 

Sooooo the school has asked us to please not attempt to enter the gate before 12:15 to alleviate gridlock.  If you arrive and see a tie up at the gate please just wait on the street for a few minutes until the road clears up.  Your Kokua is appreciated and you can use the extra few minutes to review your convention card.  cool

Sara and Bev

299er Sections

299er Section

(Formerly known as 199er Section)

Due to approaching ineligibility for some players (that is having more than 199 MPs) this popular section on Mondays has been expanded to include any player with up to 299 masterpoints. 


Every Monday as long as we have enough players.

Newer players are encouraged to attend.

Only players with less than 300 master points may play in the 299er section. 

But there is always an Open section for everyone else. 


Congratulations on Your Achievement




New Silver Life Master

Marlene Sabo


New Sectional Master

Sue Kaneta

Eleanor Ramsey

Rose White

Polly Beynon

Beverly Jefferson


New Regional Master

Beth Reid

Dan Sabo


New Club Master

Roma Johnson


New Junior Master

James Klapmeier

Penny Knowles

Margaret Anderson

David Case

Patricia Olivares

Marjorie Nahl

Big Games in 2017

2017 Kona Bridge Club

65% and 70% Scores

70+ Percent Game

75.00 Gail Buck and Dickie Motherwell 5/11/17
73.44 Dean Jenkins-Richard Gittelman 4/19/17
72.92 Penny Kallaus-Patrick Kallaus 4/3/17
72.92 Carol Richards-Shirley Decker 3/8/17
72.5 Penny Kallaus-Jim Cheney 9/21/17
72.22 Walt Bobb - Sally Bobb 7/10/17
71.99 Marilynn Bass-Edward Schickli 1/2/17
71.88 Penny Kallaus-Jim Cheney 4/20/17
71.88 Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross 7/20/17
71.74 Dean Jenkins-Penny Kallaus 9/20/17
70.83 Dorothy Case-Kathy Golitzen 3/20/17
70.00 Louise Weidner-Kurt Weidner 8/7/17
70.00 Dale Overman-Ted Overman 8/28/17
70.00 JoAn Hill-Sharon Weber 4/6/17

65-69.99 Percent Game

69.91 Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross 1/30/17
69.44 Bev Jefferson-Gail Hadovsky 1/30/17
69.00 Patrick Kallaus-Penny Kallaus 9/18/17
69.00 Mike Folkert-Dorothy Case 8/10/17
68.75 Shelly Hershberger-Richard Gittelman 5/24/17
68.37 Dean Jenkins-Pat Ingoglia  4/12/17
68.36 Laura Gamble-John Gamble 2/16/17
68.33 Butchie Setsuko-Jim Elstran 3/27/17
68.06 Penny Kallaus-Dean Jenkins 4/3/17
68.00 Jim Elstran-Chuck Clark 5/3/17
67.00  Sara Ito-Lois Griffiths 4/5/17
67.82 Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross 6/5/17
67.71 Penny Kallaus-Jim Cheney 2/22/17
67.71 Sue Slotzkin-Marge Anderson 7/17/17
67.50 Penny Kallaus-Patrick Kallaus 3/16/17
67.50 Craig Ross-Chuck Clark 7/27/17
67.43 Jim Cheney-Penny Kallaus 3/6/17
67.36 Dean Jenkins-Richard Gittelman 2/16/17
67.19 Kathy Golitzen-Peter Golitzen 4/26/17
67.00 Chuck Clark-JoAn Hill 7/31/17
66.92 Rexanne Ring-Gail Hadovsky 3/26/17
66.87 Dorothy Case-Kathy Golitzen 3/20/17
65.84 Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross 7/12/17
66.67 Kathy Golitzen-Peter Golitzen 6/5/17
66.67 Chuck Clark-Jim Elstran 3/12/17
66.67 Carol Greenwell-Patty Olivares 5/31/17
65.67 Mike Folkert-Marlene Sabo 6/26/17
66.25 Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross 7/19/17
65.67 Shelly Hershberger-Richard Gittelman 7/9/17
65.63 Chuck Clark-Craig Ross 6/14/17
65.63 Patrick Kallaus-Jim Elstran 7/10/17
65.50 Patrick Kallaus-Penny Kallaus 6/29/17
65.42 Kathy Golitzen-Sue Brown 7/19/17
66.37 Butchie Hayward-Jim Elstran 6/19/17
66.37 Dorothy Case-Kathy Golitzen 1/16/17
66.15 Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross 2/20/17
66.00 Penny Kallaus-Patrick Kallaus 8/21/17
66.00 Walt Bob-Sally Bobb 3/13/17
65.88 Will Williams-Jack Buchanan 5/1/17
65.63 Chuck Clark-Jim Elstran 3/8/17
65.42 Mike Folkert-Marlene Sabo 3/8/17
65.38 Penny Kallaus-Dean Jenkins 9/13/17
65.34 Ira Warren-Fran Warren 2/1/17
65.18 Dean Jenkins-Craig Ross 1/18/17
65.08 Bev Jefferson-Polly Beynon 3/15/17
65.00 Butchie Hayward-Sharon Weber 8/14/17
65.00 Beth Reid-Alice Goo 8/14/17
65.00 Sue Kaneta-Alice Goo 5/15/17
65.00 Walt Bobb-Sally Bobb 1/19/17
65.00 Dee Fulton-JoAn Hill 2/9/17
65.00 Shelly Hershberger-Richard Gittelman 7/5/17


Last Month's Results
Game Results for the month of September 2017
9/4 Section A      
    1st Sue Brown and Shirley Decker    
    2nd  JoAn Hill and Dee Fulton    
  Section B    
    1st Walt Bobb and Sally Bobb    
    2nd  Sharon Weber and Sara Ito    
9/6 N-S 1st Walt Bobb and Sally Bobb    
    2nd  Shelly Hershberger and Richard Gittelman    
  E-W 1st JoAn Hill and Shirley Decker    
    2nd  Chuck Clark and Jim Elstran    
9/10   1st Jean Cole and Bob Cole    
    2nd  Shirley Decker and Marlene Sabo    
9/11 Section A      
    1st Chuck Clark and Sue Brown    
    2nd  Butchie Hayward and Jim Elstran    
  Section B      
    1st Walt Bobb and Sally Bobb    
    2nd  Dan Sabo and Rexanne Ring    
9/13 N-S 1st Shelly Hershberger and Richard Gittelman    
    2nd  Jean Cole and Bob Cole    
  E-W 1st Penny Kallaus and Dean Jenkins    
    2nd  Stuart Vance and Sue Brown    
9/14   1st Richard Robbins and Catherine Hastings    
    2nd  Jean Cole and Roma Johnson    
9/18 Section A    
    1st Patrick Kallaus and Penny Kallaus    
    2nd  Chuck Clark and Larry Cosper    
  Section B    
    1st Alice Goo and Beth Reid    
    2nd  Dan Sabo and Sue Kaneta    
9/20   1st Dean Jenkins and Penny Kallaus    
    2nd  Chuck Clark and Jim Elstran    
9/21   1st Penny Kallaus and Jim Cheney    
    2nd  Chuck Clark and Sharon Weber    
9/25 Section A    
    1st Jean Cole and Gail Mullen    
    2nd  Penny Kallaus and Patrick Kallaus    
  Section B    
    1st Ellie Ramsey and Polly Beynon    
    2nd  Walt Bobb and Sally Bobb    
9/27   1st Shelly Hershberger and Richard Gittelman    
    2nd  tie: Penny Kallaus and Dean Jenkins    
             Chuck Clark and Jim Elstran    
9/28   1st Penny Kallaus and Jim Cheney    
    2nd  Jean Cole and Roma Johnson    
Board/Committee Members

Kona Bridge Club is a non-profit organization which depends on the participation of our members in day-to-day operation. Below is a list of the 'official' officers and committee members.  They will be happy to talk with you about additional ways to help out.

Kona Bridge Club
Officers, Board, Committee Chairs, and Manager for 2017-2018


Beverly Jefferson………………………. President

Kurt Weidner……………………………..Vice President 

Polly Beynon……………………………..Secretary 

Shirley Decker……………………………Treasurer


Board Members at Large:

Sue Brown

Rexanne Ring

Craig Ross

Sharon Weber

Louise Weidner


Committee Chairs:

Partnership-Sally Bobb, Patty OlivaresTemporary October 15-December 31, 2017

Education-Rexanne Ring/Craig Ross

Public Relations/Media-Sharon Weber

Website Manager-Sara Ito

Special Events-Kurt and Louise Weidner

Hospitality-Louise Weidner

Snacks-Beth Reid


Club Manager and Co-Manager:

Sara Ito

Marge Anderson


Unit 469 Representatives

Rexanne Ring, President

Dan Sabo, Kona Bridge Club Representative