2015-07-31 Board Minutes
Kona Bridge Club
Board of Directors Meeting
July 31, 2015
I. Meeting called to order at 10:06 a.m. 
II. Attendance: Dan Sabo, Craig Ross, Sue Kaneta, Chuck Clark, LIz Holey, Sara Ito, Jim Elstran, Bev Jefferson, Kathy Golitzen, Rexanne Ring, Sally and Walt Bobb. Absent - Shirley Decker ( off-island).
III.  Minutes  approved.
IV. Treasurer's Report - Jim stated that we have $16,000. Dan is working on a monthly financial statement.
V. Old Business
   1. AED ( automated external defibrillator) is now located at left of the front door.
   2. Jumbo Cards - need to order more. Liz will take care of it.
VI. New Business
   1.Committee and Board Updates
   • Education - Rexanne noted that we now have two novice tables playing on Wed.    
   Also Dan is offering a middle school elective Bridge for Kids class on Friday afternoons at  Kuleana Education.
   • Hospitality - we need to order more drink holders
   • Media - Bev shared that the paper has been cooperative ( better organized).
   • Website -  running well thanks to Sara.
    • Unit Board  -  Bridge games at Mauna Kea Beach on Sundays, 
     October 4, and Dec.13.
            Club members fee for the brunch will be $ 25. 
   2. Donation to hospice $ 100 for Rab Puri
   3.Purchase of new tables - Sara & Chuck -Looking at 10 tables at Target  for $ 30 plus tax
   4. Pay for making of boards - the board voted and decided on keeping this on a voluntary basis.
   5. Club game schedule  for next school year - After  one meeting with the admin and 
   board, it was agreed that we will continue to negotiate at the next meeting, next Friday;  
   hopefully, with better results. Dan, Liz and Craig will fight the good fight.
   6.Non-profit status - Dan and Craig - we are already a C-7 under the IRS - we'll leave it at that.
    7. Next meeting will be a general meeting on Wed, Sept. 9th after the game - Election of Officers will take place.
   Meeting adjourned at 12:35 p.m.
   Minutes submitted by Sue Kaneta, Secretary