2014 June Board Minutes

Minutes from Kona Bridge Club Directors Meeting held June 18, 2014

1. Meeting called to order by Dan Sabo at 10:06 A.M.

2. Attendance -Rexanne, Craig, Dean, Chuck, Liz, Kathy, Shirley, Sue, Dan

Welcome new members – Craig and Rexanne

3. Approval of Minutes as corrected.

4. Treasurer’s Report as amended – $14,700 from Jim (absent due to dental appt.) Finance update from Liz

Old Business

1. Mission Statement proposed by Dan and approved by board – Our mission is to promote the friendly fun and challenge of bridge,and support educational and playing opportunities for bridge enthusiasts.

2. Website – Dean -We need to promote our website – club results are posted both by the ACBL and on our website. Marlene took pictures of the board to post on our website. One suggestion to expand the site was to post birthdays of the month.

3. Bridge Etiquette Brochure – the language needs to be corrected as to North-South’s responsibility for turning the boards. This will be corrected when we exhaust our supply of brochures.

New Business

1. Club Manager – Liz will continue her considerable work for another year – moved and seconded by the board.

2. Bridge Building – meeting scheduled in July with Makualani principal, who is in Japan now with a student group. Some discussion on raising our game fees to prepare for upcoming changes. new fee – $5 as of August approved by board. Some discussion on purchasing a card dealing machine ensued. Craig will accompany Dan to July meeting. This works well, as Craig’s expertise is in mediation.

3. Game Directors – follow-up report on their meeting – responsibility to reinforce no lessons at the table, zero tolerance . North American Pairs – open – 1500 & above (A); 500 & above (B) and below 500 (C) by average.

4. Bridge Pads – West can only hit “Next” once, then return the pad to North, who can give a summary of results if requested. This should keep the game moving.

5. Hospitality – Sally and Walt Bobb are in charge.

6. Board Manuals – Officers should prepare a manual for his or her position to pass on.

7. Other – Jim Mills will probably not be back, as he’s changed his club membership.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 P.M.