2014 March Board Minutes

Minutes from Kona Bridge Club Directors Meeting held March 26, 2014 at the Sabo Residence

I. Meeting was called to order By Dan Sabo at 10:06 A.M.

II. Attendance – Dan Sabo, Dean Jenkins, Sue Kaneta, Jim Elstran, Shirley Decker, Chuck Clark and Liz Holey

III. Approval of minutes from 2/7/14 moved and seconded.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Jim reported balance as $13,600 – finance update by Liz and Dan -Thank you note from Dan to Linda & George for donation.

V. Old Business Sectional Report – Sectional made $851 ( Allen)

VI. New Business

1. Board members

Shirley Decker joined the Board after unanimous approval. Dean resigned as a Unit Board Rep. A replacement will be appointed later.

2. Update on Bridge Building

Dan has learned from Kaeo Duarte that we should be ok until Sept. Dan will keep us updated.

3. Game Directors

Liz makes up the schedule two months in advance. Some discussion took place about free play for directors and managers. This was approved by a vote of the board. The directors should be an example of consistency and courtesy. They must maintain the pace of the games. Some discussion dealt with training and tuition issues, but no decisions were made. Dan will call a Game Directors meeting in the near future.

4. Proposed game changes – some discussion, no resolution

5. By-Laws

The following changes were approved: Sec. 2.2 Annual meeting of the members was changed to the first Friday in September of each year; Sec 3.4 Annual meeting of he board of directors was changed to the second Friday in September of each year.

6. Committee Updates

We need recommendations from the committee chairs. For example,ACBL has educational grants, and hospitality needs to set appropriate limits for special circumstances i.e. a death in the family. We need input from Sue Brown and Shelley.

7. Bridge Etiquette Brochure

Dan provided a sample we hope to make available to all members.

8. Website – short discussion on updating ours.

9. Mission statement – need to create a short and sweet one – some discussion


Meeting adjourned at 12:47 P.M.

Submitted by Sue Kaneta