2014 September General Membership Minutes

Kona Bridge Club General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm by President Dan Sabo.

In attendance were:

Dan Sabo, Dean Jenkins, Sue Kaneta, Jim Elstran, Shirley Decker, Chuck Clark, Rexanne Ring, Liz Holey, Marlene Sabo, JoAn Hill, Alice Goo, Ellie Ramsey, Polly Beynon, Sue Brown, Rose White, Beth Reid.

The Nominating Committee presented the current officers and Board members as the slate for this year’s election. No further nominations were made. By a unanimous voice vote, the presented slate of nominees were re-elected for the coming year. They are:

Dan Sabo – President

Board Members:

Dean Jenkins – Vice-President Chuck Clark

Sue Kaneta – Secretary Shirley Decker

Jim Elstran – Treasurer Kathy Golitzen

Rexanne Ring

Craig Ross


Unit Game – Sunday, September 14th

Swiss Teams – Wednesdays, Oct. 15, 22, 29

Brunch and Unit Game at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel – Sunday Oct. 19th

Sign up for both or just the game. Cost and sign-ups will be announced later.

Special thanks to Sally and Walt Bobb, who keep us well supplied with snacks for our games!!

Additional volunteers needed for Hospitality Committee:

to arrange special treats/snacks twice a month.

Send cards or flowers for hospital stays, condolences, etc.

Agenda items discussed:

Discussion about the possibility of purchasing a dealing machine. Further research, discussion and decision to be made by the KBC Board.

It was suggested that we look into possibly having more games on Sundays and also possibly a late afternoon or night game once a week. Also suggested we begin our Monday & Wednesday morning games at 8:45 am so we won’t be rushed at the end.

Dan will check with the school about scheduling.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.