2015 April Board Minutes

I. Call to order at 10:09 a.m.

II. Attendance – Dan Sabo, Sue Kaneta, Chuck Clark, Bev Jefferson, Shirley Decker, Rexanne Ring, Jim Elstran, Sara Ito, Sally and Walt Bobb. Absent: Liz Holey, Kathy Golitzen, Craig Ross

III. Approval of minutes: motion made, seconded, all agreed.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Made by Jim Elstran – approximately $13,000 at end of March.

Dan presented a financial statement spreadsheet for 2014 and through March 2015. This is to get an understanding of how much KBC’s monthly income and expenses are from month to month.

It was suggested that the board look into purchasing some new bridge tables in the near future.

V. Old Business

1. AED Training – Gail Hadovsky ordered a wall case and suggested that it should be hung by the fire extinguisher. Will need school’s approval.

Vl. New Business – 1. Committee Updates

* Education – Rexi’s’ s class ends tonight after 5 sessions – break for 2 weeks, then another class, beginning May 7th. Class VERY successful – 8 tables – plan is to integrate the new players within our games in June – minimum 2 1/2 tables, using 18 boards. Marlene made up Bridge name tags which will be given out Thursday evening. Matt ( a middle school teacher) will be working with Dan to begin a class with 12 of his students – called Kids Bridge – ACBL will supply lots of support.

*Hospitality -Sally & Walt suggested that the first Wednesday Birthday celebration would suffice – board agreed.

* Media – Bev informed us the WHT is still in a state of flux -The Coconut may have been discontinued – she’ll keep us updated.

* Website – Sara shared that Manny Rodrigues will be updating our software.

2. Donation to Hospice – for Bob Bailey – in amt. of $100 -moved and seconded.

3. Sectional 2015 & 2016 – Feb.19-21. Rexanne will be Chairperson – lots of discussion on innovative ideas – to be continued at a later date.

4. New Playing Cards – Liz will order one set of Jumbo Print cards. There will be further discussion after they arrive and are in use.

5.Club Game Schedule – Makua Lani will not be offering summer school. Dan will conduct a poll at the next three games to assess the desires of members for this summer and perhaps beyond. There are 4 choices

A.) Mon. and Wed. at 1:00, Thurs. at 9:00

B.) Tues. at 9:00, Wed. and Fri. at 1:00;

C.)Leave it as it is now and

D.) Mon. at 1:00 and Wed. and Thurs. at 9:00.

A separate question to gauge the interest level of members – possible Sat. lunch potluck or early weeknight potluck ( done by 7:00)

6. Non-profit status – We will have to refile to receive 501c4 status. Cost – $850 (approved 5-1 vote). Craig Ross and Dan Sabo are looking into changing into 501c3 status. Difference – c4 donations are NOT tax deductible – c3 donations are.

7. Other – Club Manager must be appointed every July 1st. Unanimous vote to reappoint Liz Holey for 7/1/15 to 6/30/16.

Next meeting – General- Sept. 3rd or 4th. Bev will organize the Nomination Committee.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm.

Submitted by Sue Kaneta, Secretary