2015 January Board Minutes

I. Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m.

II. Attendance – Dan, Jim,Sue, Craig, Liz, Shirley, Rexanne

lll. Minutes approved

lV. Treasurer’s Report – Jim reported that he’s getting caught up on bank deposits.

V. Old Business

1. Education – Rexanne reported that our request for a room to teach bridge “gratis” at the school was respectfully denied by the Principal. We do, however have three members who are offering to teach – on a variety of levels. We will continue to look for venues for classes.

2. Dealing Machines – have a safe home – locks have been changed and four keys are out.

3 . Bridge Pads – it was decided to turn off the percentages until after the Big Island Sectional and then we’ll revisit the issue.

4. Bridge Building – Jim will leave a check for Makua Lani Academy for $600 with Dan today to pay for 2015 maintenance.

Vl. New Business

1. Committee and Board Updates

Education – Etiquette tips should be given by directors before all games – short and sweet. Still looking for another venue for classes.

Hospitality – Rexanne, Sally and Walt are on it – plants were sent to Barbara and Bob at Life Care. Walt suggested name tags for visitors. Will be done for members and visitors alike.

Media – Bev is doing a great job – scores in WHT for January, and the announcements of our games published weekly in the Coconut.

Website – We are fortunate to have Sara at the helm.

2. First Aid – CPR/AED Awareness class – Friday, Feb. 27th after the game, from 12:30-1:45 . We’ll have a sign-up sheet.

3. Sectional – Feb 20-22. Liz is in charge – we need printer cartridge for the tournament.

4. Our Next Board Meeting will be Thurs., April 16. (On Feb.27, after the CPR meeting; we’ll discuss bridge pads.)