2015 September General Membership Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:17pm.

Attendees: Dan Sabo, Sue Kaneta, Lynn Puri, Jim Elstran, Polly Beynon, JoAn Hill, Kathy and Peter Golitzen, Sara Ito, Sally and Walt Bobb, Alice Goo, Bev Jefferson, Pualani Willing, Shirley Decker, Chuck Clark, Eleanor Ramsey

Officers and Board Members nominated and elected for the coming year:

President – Dan Sabo
Vice President – Sue Kaneta
Secretary – Lynn Puri
Treasurer – Jim Elstran

2015 Board Members:

Chuck Clark, Shirley Decker, Kathy Golitzen, Rexanne Ring and Craig Ross.

The Mauna Kea Unit game is Oct 4th. Swiss games are: Oct 5, 12 and 14.

The game scheduled for Thursday, September 24th has been cancelled and moved to Saturday, September 26th at 1:00pm.

Dan announced the resignation of Liz Holey as Club Manager as well as Director. The club will be recognizing Liz for her 14 year contribution to the Kona Bridge Club.

Our new Kona Bridge Club co-managers are: Sara Ito and Bev Jefferson.

Our directors are: Marlene Sabo, Stuart Vance, Sue Brown, and Dorothy Case. Pat Montgomery and Dee Overton will help when necessary. Possible new directors are: Kathy Golitzen, Craig Ross and Dee Fulton.

Rexanne Ring is planning a novice class in the fall.

A notification by email regarding our Swiss games will be sent to all bridge members on the Big Island.

Sara Ito invited suggestions for the website. Sara asked that members keep her updated with information.

Walt Bobb suggested more novice games. That will be a possibility in the fall when snowbirds return.

Meeting adjourned: 4:34pm

Minutes submitted by Lynn Puri, Secretary