2016 January Board Minutes

Meeting called to order at 10:06am

Attendees: Chuck Clark, Shirley Decker, Kathy Golitzen, Craig Ross, Dan Sabo, Sue Kaneta, Lynn Puri, Jim Elstran, Bev Jefferson, Sara Ito, Rexanne Ring. The minutes of the September General Membership meeting were read and approved.

Jim Elstran, Treasurer, reported that the Club has $16,300 in funds as of January 1, 2016. Beverly is working on on-line banking for the Club which should make financial transactions easier.

A discussion about AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) was discussed. It was decided that the Club will spend $601 the first year for a new battery, adult pads and child pads plus a yearly maintenance program. Subsequent years will cost $208 for maintenance (with adult and child pads free of charge every two years). Every fourth year expenses will be $170 for a new battery and $208 for maintenance.

Beverly Jefferson announced that there is a steep learning curve but we have several Club members who are learning to direct at the Club. It was also decided that from time to time, as the need arises, directors from outside our Club will be asked to direct.

Patrick Kallus, Sectional Director, has offered to lead a refresher course for directors while he is in Kona directing the Big Island sectional. Several dates were discussed and Tuesday, February 16th in the afternoon was decided. We will invite the directors from Waikoloa and Hilo to join the course.

Rexanne Ring is conducting a beginners bridge class. The Club will purchase trifold brochures which offers bidding guidelines. The number of brochures will be dependent on the cost.

Rexanne also reported she has received $800 from the Unit for the Sectional Tournament. This will cover some of the hospitality costs.

Dee Overton is in charge of beautification. Craig Ross offered to help with clean up. We will host a beer and wine tasting evening. We have asked each Big Island club to provide beer from local breweries. Rexanne will research T Shirts for purchase with our Kona Bridge Club logo. There will be a tent outside the Bridge Building so people can socialize.

Dan discussed the new 11:00am starting time on Thursdays. There is still a low turn out for this game. It was decided that we will keep this schedule at least through February.

The climate at our club has improved. It is important to emphasize to politely call the director for infractions at the table, even when there are novices at the table. It was suggested that a short etiquette lesson be offered before each game. Bev will research acquiring a microphone.

Bev is obtaining estimates from cleaning companies in order to schedule cleaning before the Sectional Tournament.

The next meeting will be scheduled in April.


Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm

Minutes submitted by Lynn Puri, Secretary