2016 September General Membership Minutes

Meeting called to order at 12:45pm

Attendees: Dan Sabo, Gail Hadovsky, Chuck Clark, Sara Ito, Lynn Puri, Marlene Sabo, Beth Reid, Kathy Golitzen, Alice Goo, Sue Kaneta, Gail Mullen, Jim Elstran, Shirley Decker, Dean Jenkins, Polly Beynon, Rexanne Ring, Patty Olivares, Sharon Weber, Bev Jefferson, JoAn Hill

Officers and Board Members nominated and elected for the coming year:

President – Bev Jefferson

Vice President – Sue Kaneta

Secretary – Lynn Puri

Treasurer – Chuck Clark

Board members at large: Shirley Decker, Craig Ross, Lois Griffith, Sharon Weber, Dan Sabo, Rexanne Ring

Monday, September 12 there will be AED/CPR Training at the Bridge Building at 11:30. All are invited to attend.

Dan Sabo, outgoing President, expressed his aloha and appreciation to the club.

Bev presented leis to Dan and the two directors: Marlene Sabo and Kathy Golitzen. A gift was given to Dan in appreciation for his years serving as president.

Kathy Golitzen expressed concern that there might be a conflict of interest having a President of the club and the same person also acting as club manager. It was made clear that there is one manager of record with ACBL and that is Sara Ito.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 pm.

Minutes submitted by Lynn Puri, Secretary