2018 July Board Minutes

Attendees: Beverly Jefferson, Shirley Decker, Craig Ross, Marge Anderson, Sharon Weber, Polly Beynon, Kurt Weidner, Louise Weidner, Patty Olivares

I. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. at the Bridge Building.

II. Welcome: Beverly Jefferson welcomed the members and thanked them for attending the last KBC Board of Directors meeting that she will chair.

III. Approval of Old Minutes March 24th, 2018: The old minutes were unanimously approved after the correction of two items under New Business, E. Sectional. Shirley Decker asked that the word “budget” be changed to “financial statement” in two places.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: Shirley Decker reported that we have $9,375.84 in the checking account at the end of June, 2018. She handed out the 2018 KBC Operating Statement through June 2018 and reviewed income and expenses, and handed out a supplemental explanation for specific income and expenses, and answered questions. The increase in table fees from $5 to $7 has finally put us in the black beginning in May 2018 even with reduced numbers of players at this time of year. Everyone was very complimentary as to the level of detail she is capturing in the spreadsheets.

V. Old Business:

A. Public Relations/Media-Bev Jefferson and Sharon Weber reported that West Hawaii Today is now printing the monthly bridge results for first place. Sharon was told that they would not print the results, and Bev contacted the Editor and he said that there was a miscommunication and that he should be included in the email submission of bridge results. It has been promptly published for the past several months.
B. Policy for Cell Phone Violations-Sara Ito submitted her reports to Bev Jefferson since she was not able to attend. Patrick Kallaus sent Sara “Appendix J Electronic Device Policy”, which is used in ACBL tournaments. It outlines the penalties for first, second, and third offenses and the appropriate penalties. Sara will work with our local directors on adherence to the policy. There was discussion that cell phones at KBC should never be on the table which has happened.
C. Policy for Slow Play-Sara Ito did not reference this in her report; however, Bev Jefferson has observed that Directors are more aware of the need to enforce no plays or late plays to keep the progression moving.
D. Photographer for Face Book Page-Marge Anderson reported that she has recruited Will Williams, Marlene Sabo, Kurt Weidner, and Dee Fulton to submit photos to her, but anyone can submit photos and she will put them on the Face Book Page with captions.
E. Bridge Building Pest Control and Maintenance-Bev Jefferson reported that the following KBC members came to the Bridge Building on Wednesday, June 27th and did a major clean up of all areas: Kurt Weidner, Mike Folkert, Craig Ross, Beth Reid, Dorothy Case, and Sara Ito. They tackled cleaning fans, carpet, tables, kitchen areas, and pulled out the broken and damaged chairs and tables and took some of them to the transfer station. The director’s workroom was cleaned and organized and standard cards will be given to the other bridge clubs on the island if they are interested. Beth took the metal boards home to make sure that complete decks of standard cards were in them for KBC to use for educational purposes. During this process it was noticed that our pest control needs to be stepped up. Bev has asked Patrick to spray the exterior and interior every two months versus every four months and he will spray these areas as soon as possible. Kurt will monitor the situation and determine if we need to hire a pest control company.
F. AED Renewal-Bev Jefferson reported that the annual AED was renewed for $286 and a representative came to inspect, test and clean the device. Gail Hadovsky is assigned to check the light on the device each month and record that it was functional.
VI. New Business
A. Committee and Manager Updates:

1. Club Management-Sara Ito’s submitted report included an announcement that the Monday 299er section has returned to a 199er section since it was so successful that we had more 299er players than players in the Open Section. Her report stated that by the time a player has reached 199 MPs at KBC they have usually been playing for several years and gained the confidence to play in the Open Section.
2. Club Management-Sara Ito’s submitted report included that we played 12 Charity Championship Games in April with the proceeds going to ACBL. Marge Anderson distributed information about local charities and recommended that we support our local charities. She has a background in working with the Kiwanis and has vetted each charity. The KBC Board unanimously approved that future charity games be set up to send donations of money and food to the Habitat of Hawaii-Puna Project and the Salvation Army of Kona-Food Bank Puna.
3. Partnerships-Patty Olivares reported that the new system for local KBC members to use the KBC group email system and/or the roster to email or call specific members is working well. She will continue to assist visitors in finding partners.
4. Public Relations/Media-Sharon Weber reported that Bev Jefferson asked her to edit the introduction to the monthly bridge results to explain what the two sections are to encourage new players and party bridge players in the community to attend. The board recommended using the word “novice” for the B Section.
5. Education-We do not have an Education Chair at this point in time. Bev Jefferson reported that she had consulted with Patrick Kallaus and he will continue to teach the Audrey Grant series on “Doubles” in the fall of this year, probably in October or November. Board members asked about beginning lessons since this is crucial to growing the club. We do not know at this time if Rexanne Ring and Dan Sabo will continue with these classes. Craig Ross offered to teach beginner classes if they are not available.
6. Website Management-Sara Ito’s report included that there is a new version of our website software that is available. The developer is no longer updating the old version and will help when we have problems but eventually a time will come when he quits supporting the format we are currently using. Bev Jefferson indicated that some of Sara’s frustration and being behind in updating is due to the difficulties she has when putting up a long document or photos or flyers and it disappears. The cost is $15/month instead of the current $5/month which is $120 more per year. The KBC Board unanimously approved to purchase the new website software.
7. Hospitality-Polly Beynon reported that she had sent flowers to the Service for Alice Goo’s husband, Meyer, who passed away. 8. Special Events-Bev Jefferson thanked Kurt and Louise Weidner for their recent 4th of July luncheon prior to the bridge game. It was well attended and the food was delicious. KBC Board members offered to help with future events so that all the work does not fall on Kurt and Louise. They are planning on asking other members to help with the monthly birthday cakes and coupons. Kurt and Louise will begin work on making plans with the Mauna Kea for the holiday party in December. Bev offered a special Mahalo to Kurt and Louise for donating a gas grill to the KBC for special events.
B. Policy for KBC Board Approval of Expenditures-Bev Jefferson added this to the agenda for consideration by the board. There is no policy or anything in the KBC Bylaws regarding what amount the KBC Board must approve. She was informed that the standard is $100 but that is a very small amount now when purchasing anything for the KBC and we only have 3-4 meetings per year. The KBC Board unanimously approved that the members of the Finance Committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Manager) could make these decisions up to $300 per purchase, thus not requiring board approval unless it is greater than $300.

C. Replacement Screen for Exterior of the Bridge Building-Based upon the previous item, Kurt Weidner will purchase an exterior screen for the Bridge Building since it will be less than $300 and the majority of the Finance Committee was present at this meeting.

D. Appointment of the Manager and Co-Manager for the term of July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019-The KBC Board unanimously approved reappointing Sara Ito as the Manager of Record and Dorothy Case as the Co-Manager. Per Sara Ito’s submitted report, the KBC Board considered continuing free table fees for the Manager and Co-Manager. The KBC Board unanimously approved continuing free table fees for the Manager but not the Co-Manager since the bulk of the work is on the Manager.

E. Donation to Hospice of Kona in Memory of Sharon Bolton-Bev Jefferson shared an email from her daughter which had the obituary that asked people to send donations to Hospice of Kona in lieu of flowers. The KBC Board unanimously approved to donate $100 to the Hospice of Kona in memory of Sharon Bolton. Members who knew Sharon shared memories of her with the board members who did not have the opportunity to know this wonderful woman. Her daughter’s email said that she would like to donate Sharon’s bridge table which is just like new to the KBC. Bev Jefferson will coordinate this.

F. Nomination Committee for September Elections-Bev Jefferson reported that the Manager and Co-Manager who are not voting members of the KBC Board handled the nomination committee last year. The board agreed that it was appropriate so Sara Ito, the Manager, and the past Co-Manager, Marge Anderson, will handle this process since Dorothy Case is traveling until September and cannot perform this function in time for the September 5th, 2018 election of officers.

VII. Next Board of Directors Meeting Date-The next Board of Directors meeting will be on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 after the election.

VIII. Adjournment-The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted by Polly Beynon, Secretary KBC