President’s Update

April 10, 2023

Aloha KBC members,

♥️We have had a fabulous fall and spring with many events and lots of tables!  As snowbirds are leaving, we are losing not only players but volunteers:

♠️We are losing our Master of the Dealing Machine, Bill Blatt, for May – November.  Fred Luiszer has stepped up to the plate and will take over in May. Bill said Fred is a “Natural” so I’m sure we will be well taken care of. Fred and Julya are new players to the club. They are long ago Goren players who have been updating their game and will be new regulars at the tables.

♥️We are losing our Hospitality Chair, Cheryl Blatt, May – November. She preps and supplies the weekly drinks and snacks, with coffee help from Richard. She also manages the food for the annual meeting in the fall, as well as any other special events dreamed up. We need a seasonal replacement.

♦️We are losing our manager, Jean Zoeller, May – September. Jean is irreplaceable so will manage some things from afar with the help of local feet on the ground. One of her jobs, however, is that of finding partners. We need a volunteer for this ongoing involvement. Or, we need someone who will setup and manage an online system like they use in Waikoloa.

♥️Of course we need Directors.

♣️And we need players. We need a minimum of 3 tables to play.  Last year, we continued with the weekly Wednesday game but had to cancel the Saturday game through the summer until fall. This year we hope we won’t need to do it again, but the Saturday game may be in jeopardy.

♥️Let us know if you would like to take over helping with any of the above.

♦️ Also please let us know your thoughts or ideas. We will be having a board meeting soon and will discuss these issues.

Pat Pearlman, President
Marlene Sabo, Vice President
Penny Kallaus, Secretary
Scott Church, Treasurer
Sharon Weber
Lew Brentano

Mahalo for your involvement in KBC


KBC Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of January 11, 2023

KBC Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 4 pm after the bridge game at the club house.  In attendance were Pat Pearlman, Scott Church, Sharon Weber, Lew Brentano, Dan Sabo, Marlene Sabo, Cheryl Blatt,  Jean Zoeller and Penny Kallaus.

Minutes from the October 19th meeting were reviewed and approved.


Treasurer:  Scott read a letter from Makua Lani thanking us for our $1000 donation.  He reported that as of the end of November our bank balance was $20,961 but that it is approx $20,200 at present.  There was a discussion on whether we needed to increase the price of our games from $5 to $7 to cover the actual cost of running our games and it was agreed that we should do so starting next Wednesday, the 18th.  ( There has been a large drop in income that we receive from BBO and we are presently operating at a loss).

Club Manger:  Jean reported that ACBL will be increasing their table fee for clubs and will also be increasing the amount of points paid to players based on the amount of boards in play (over 18.)  We agreed that we will play at least 24 boards at our future games (beginners 18)

She also reports that we really need more directors.  Patrick says he will not be available till after he is done at the Four Seasons (next spring) except for special games or tournaments.  She could also use help with the email partnership job she’s doing.  

All the games between now and June will be special games (more points).  

Unit Pres:  Dan reported that the BBO tables numbers are dropping steadily but we are still able to keep our Saturday and Monday games going (a lot of Honolulu players like to play in our games)

He gave a report on our upcoming Kona Sectional.  We lost $ last year but have raised the prices for this year’s games to $15 and we are expecting more tables.    Lunch will be every day with a small breakfast.  Different committees could use help with set up and breakdown.  We will have a 299r section at each game, even during the Swiss.  Cheryl is doing hospitality, Penny is doing partnership, Dan is doing safety.  Although ACBL does not require masks,  people will be asked to wear masks if requested by others at the table.  Sharon is in charge of boards but we need to train others that aren’t players since if you make boards you are not eligible for the overall awards.  

Education:  The Saturday beginner group is almost done and they can hopefully start playing in some 0 – 25 point games (one scheduled this next Wednesday at the regular game). 

 Patrick will be doing 3 intermediate classes starting the last Saturday in January and first 2 in Feb. mornings before the open game.   The club needs to publicize and schedule these classes.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.



Our Unit 469 Big Island Sectional was a great success even though COVID protocols resulted in fewer attendees. Those who attended enjoyed great food and a fun weekend!

A great BIG MAHALO to Chairperson Jean Zoeller, her committee chairs:

  • Kate Claeys
  • Cheryl
  • Bill Blatt
  • Penny Kallaus
  • Sharon Weber
  • Marlene Sabo
  • Patrick Kallaus (director)
  • And also a big thanks to all of their volunteers who pitched in to help make an enjoyable Sectional weekend.

Next year’s Sectional will be Presidents’ Day weekend, February 18-20.2023 Put it on your calendar!

Congratulations to Unit 469 winners of the 2021 Mini-McKinney and Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Races;

O to 5 MP – Scott Church
5 to 20 MP – Ron Wolfe
20 to 50 MP – Pat Pearlman
50 to 100 MP – Paul Derbyshire
100 to 200 MP – Stephen Bartholomew
200 to 300 MP – Jane Waldron

300 to 500 MP – Dan Sabo
500 to 1000 MP – Niel Thomas
1000 to 1500 MP – carol Davies
1500 to 2500 MP – Harry Messenheimer
2500 to 3500 MP – Richard Gittieman
3500 to 5000 MP – Penny Kallaus

Also congratulations goes to member who have achieved their next ACBL masters level;

Junior Master – Scott Church
Sectional Master – Judy Hyde
Regional Master – Cheryl Blatt

Dan Sabo
President ACBL Unit 469


Presidents Newsletter November 9 2021

The KBC Board met this week and decided the following:


The table fee is now $5.00.  We decided to pass the increased income from online games to our members. 

We miss you all and want to get together!  We will be holding our Holiday Party on December 15th, Wednesday.  The school is out, so we can come earlier and enjoy a catered lunch.  The Hospitality Committee is planning a fun event.  We hope everyone will attend the party and game.  Details to follow.

The Education Committee is anxious to offer lessons.  Please encourage friends and neighbors to contact Pat Pearlman if they are interested in learning at any level.  If you are thinking you would like continuing education, drop her a line re: what you would like to learn.  We want to know what the needs are.

Face to face bridge is continuing Wednesdays.  We would like to add Saturday and/or Monday back again, starting in January if there is interest. 

Gail Buck is now running F2F bridge games in Hilo at the Elks Club on Wednesdays and Sundays, starting at 12:30pm.

Partnerships are forming for the February Sectional.  Be sure to put our tournament in your plans for Feb. 19, 20, and 21.

Our next KBC Board meeting will be January 4th.  Let me know if there is anything you would like us to address.


KBC Presidents Newsletter

KBC President Newsletter, Aug 10, 2021

The KBC Board met July 20.  Here are some things that happened at the meeting:

1.      Pat Pearlman is now our Safety Coordinator.  She is checking vaccination records for all players.  Covid vaccinations are required to play in Face-to-Face bridge.  Recently we also instituted a mask mandate due to the highly contagious Delta variant.  At this time, all players must always wear masks properly, except when eating.  Please eat or drink away from the tables.

2.     We have a new computer!  Thank you for being patient with our computer issues.  Thank you to Patrick Kallaus for all his help as we transition.

3.     Dan Sabo reported on the February 19, 20, 21 Sectional.  Plans are moving forward smoothly. The Chair is Jean Zoeller.  A copy of the schedule is also available.

4.     The Education Committee has started a FTF “brush up” class on Saturdays at 1:00.  Call Pat Pearlman 808-990-5686, if you know someone who might want to take up bridge again, or just wants a review before returning to play. Pat Aldred has a wealth of interesting lessons to present.  You may have seen our West Hawaii Today ads in the Upcoming Events column.

5.     David Case reported on his analysis of the ByLaws and tax status of the club.  Because of his thorough analysis and contribution, The Board unanimously voted him to the KBC Board.  We now have an odd number (7) of members.

6.     Kate Claeys sewed the new table covers.

7.     Louise Weidner is becoming a Director.

8.     Our annual KBC meeting will be September 1st at our Wednesday FTF bridge game. 

9.     Please plan on coming to this special game and meeting.  The Board of Directors will be voted on again by all.  All the present Board members have agreed to serve again for 2021-2022.  Let me know if you would like to serve on the Board.

Dorothy Case, KBC Board President