Board Meeting Minute 7/22/2020

KBC Limited Board Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2020

  1. Call to order

Kurt Weidner, President called to order the limited KBC Board meeting at 11:35 AM.

  1. Roll call

Attenders: Kurt Weidner, Sharon Weber, Shirley Decker (on phone), Bev Jefferson, Louise Weidner, Roma Johnson, Alice Goo and Pat Pearlman.

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting

Kurt Weidner read the minutes from the last meeting.  Bev moved to accept and Sharon 2nd. All approved.

  1. New business
    1. Holiday Party – Sharon motioned to cancel due to Covid, Roma 2nd. All approved.
    2. 2021 Sectional hosted by KBC. Louise motioned to cancel due to Covid.  Pat 2nd.  All approved.
    3. Continuing KBC. Louise motioned to continue with the club even with Covid.  Bev 2nd.  All approved.
    4. Club Management. Sharon motioned for Dorothy to continue as Club Manager and Louise to be the Assistant Club Manager. Pat 2nd.  All approved.
    5. Director Fees. Kurt motioned that all directors  are paid a flat fee, Louise 2nd.  Shirley did not approve.  Everyone else approved. Motion approved.
    6. Kurt spoke about the need for a new director.  Sharon volunteered to become a director.
    7. Board members. Bev motioned to keep the Board as is this year. Roma 2nd.  All approved. 
    8. Shirley Decker submitted the treasurer report.
    9. Unsanctioned games were discussed. In the unlikely but rare event, Director would be paid a reduced flat fee. $5 play fee was approved in this event.
  2. Adjournment

Kurt Weidner, President adjourned the meeting at 12:12 PM

Minutes submitted by:  Louise Weidner