Board Meeting Minutes April 23, 2021

Minutes of April 23, 2021 KBC Board Meeting




Dorothy Case, President

Pat Pearlman, Vice President

Roma Johnson, Secretary

Penny Kallaus, Treasurer

Sharon Weber, Member at Large

Alice Goo, Member at Large

Louise Weidner, Club Manager

Dan Sabo, Unit 469 Chair


Meeting was called to order by President, Dorothy Case at 1:00 PM.  The minutes of the January 25 meeting were read and approved.  There have been no meetings since then due to the COVID epidemic.


Penny gave the treasurer’s report and shared that she will be getting signature letters for bank business, and will be getting the necessary credit and debit cards.


Dan gave the Unit 469 report. He shared that BBO was making lots of money. Playing on line is good for a variety of people, as they do not need to leave their homes, there is no hosting, no need to make coffee, etc. Our membership has dropped from 119 to 104, but Dan is not too concerned. There was some conversation about Unit 470 that they were making lots of money with BBO.


There were no committee reports.


Louise gave the club manager report. She is trying to learn her way through the processes, programs, etc. She is very upset with ACBL now. There have been lots of changes due to the virtual games, etc. We are needing more directors. Sharon and Dorothy have been helping and Kelly is willing to help as well. Patrick is going to have a director’s meeting on May 1.


Alice Goo, Partnership Chair, asked for an updated membership list.


Old Business: None


New Business: Six new committees were established and given the following duties:


  1. Hospitality
  2. Put up and take down tables, chairs, bid boxes, pencils, drink stands, and little tables. Committee will ask all players to help.
  3. Make coffee
  4. Keep snack closet cleaned and organized.
  5. Clean kitchen and coffee pot and take out trash to dumpster after each game.
  6. Clean up room after each game. Make sure all doors are shut and locked.
  7. Send cards or flowers to sick members or for members who have died.
  8. Celebrate birthdays policies.
  9. Send obituaries to ACBL.
  10. Free play policies
  11. Mauna Kea or other special games
  12. Other social opportunities


  1. Club Maintenance
  2. Managing Makua Lani Bridge Building and the two areas of locked closets that we control, keeping both areas clean and organized with the help of the Club Manager.
  3. Checking and ordering supplies
  4. Keep up AED, check battery


  1. Education
  2. Arrange beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, short topics, etc. Coordinate with the president for use of Makua Lani.
  3. Responsible for advertising classes and other events.


  1. Business AD HOC

Responsible for examining By-Laws, non-profit status, articles of incorporation, etc. David Case has volunteered to chair this committee.


  1. Tournaments AD HOC

Responsible for all KBC tournaments. Planning, arranging, advertising, and following ACBL COVID guidelines as appropriate.


  1. Disciplinary AD HOC

Convene meetings as needed. Committee members to be appointed by the president.


Other duties discussed fall under responsibility of various positions:



  1. Keep track of soda money
  2. Print envelopes for money report for each game
  3. Pay yearly insurance



  1. Give kudos to people who are helping above and beyond. Dorothy wants to involve as many people as possible and make it fun!
  2. Provide name tags to board members.
  3. Newsletter


Other Business:


Establishing face to face guidelines: We will follow ACBL guidelines.


Saturday games: Louise will send out an email to determine if members are interested.



Discuss possibility of future tournaments: Tournament committee will meet soon.


Sharon moved and Pat seconded that we absorb special game finances by the club. Motion passed.


Pat moved and Sharon seconded that we give donation to the school at the end of the year. Motion passed.


Roma moved and Sharon seconded that we provide nice name tags for board members, manager, and directors. Motion passes.


Sharon moved and Penny seconded that we ask players to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start of game to help directors get set up. Motion passed.


Sharon moved and Roma seconded that we give free play for two weeks to people who register to play in thanks for being so tolerant as we have started up face to face play again. Motion passes.


Next board meeting is scheduled for May 11 at 1:00.


Meeting adjourned at 3:00.


Respectfully submitted by Roma Johnson, Secretary