Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of October 19, 2022

KBC Board Meeting



We met at Pat Pearlman’s house at 12PM for lunch.

The meeting was called to order at 12:30.   In attendance were Pat Pearlman, Scott Church, Dan Sabo, Sharon Weber, Jean Zoeller,  Lew Brentano and Penny Kallaus.  


Minutes from the Sept. 15th meeting were reviewed and approved with the change that we are moving forward with the Saturday games.



Treasurer:  Scott gave his report.  The end of the month bank balance for Sept. was $20,607.70.  There was discussion on whether we needed to keep Google docs for our financial spreadsheet and we decided we could cancel it since Scott does not use it.  Penny, Lew and Dorothy will work together to accomplish this.


Club manager:   Jean reported that she did our annual business filing report ($3.50).  She also renewed our club sanctions for next year ($11.50 x 4).  Also, ACBL score is being updated.

Jean is also looking for people to help at our upcoming Sectional (Feb. 18 – 20).  

We also need more directors.  Lew will think about it.

We voted not to bother with upkeep of the AED machine.  It’s cost prohibitive. It’s never been used and there’s a Fire Station nearby for any emergency.  It is very old and nobody wants it when we’re done.

We voted to up the beverage fee in our snack room to $1, due to increased cost.

We voted to keep vaccinations as a requirement to play in our club.  


Unit Report:  Dan reported that we had a very nice Unit game, Oct. 15th with 8 tables.  The next game is planned for January 8th (2nd Sunday).  BBO numbers are steadily dropping.


Education:  Pat says we can use the Bridge Building on Saturdays from 10 to 5 which will allow us to have classes  before the 1PM game. We now have practice and review sessions from 10:30 – 12:30 to help people who have not played bridge in some time. Patrick will be available to start 1 hour classes the last Saturday in January.


We need someone to replace Roma to send out weekly emails to find out who would be coming to play.  

Dorothy is going to put bridge info in West Hawaii Today (community calendar).  

We talked about possibly putting up signs on the road and on bulletin boards advertising our games as is being done in Hilo.

Halloween party Saturday, Oct. 29th.  People could wear costumes. We will have Halloween cookies.

Christmas Party Dec. 21 with lunch, to be arranged by Cheryl Blatt, Hospitality Chair.


Next meeting Saturday, Jan. 11th, after the game at the Bridge Building.


Meeting adjourned at 2 pm.