KBC Board Meeting Minutes May 11 2021

                                              May 11, 2021 KBC Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 1:00. Present: Dorothy Case, Pat Pearlman, Penny Kallaus, Sharon Weber, Louise Weidner, and Roma Johnson


Minutes of April 23 board meeting were read and approved. Minutes of July 22,2020 board meeting reviewed.


Treasurers Report: Penny distributed the KBC operating statement.  We have a balance of $23,099. Penny is now able to write checks and the April rent has been paid. The treasurer’s report was approved.


Manager’s Report: Louise reported that she, Dale Overman, and Dean Jenkins will become directors.  She also reported that ACBL has contacted her and she is happier with them now.


Unit 469 Report: Dan Sabo not at meeting. No report.


President’s Report: Dorothy reported that she has ordered the nametags and they have been mailed. The unit board approved 399 games for $4.00 online rather than $5.00. Makua Lani has been told about the broken outlet. We need to order new batteries for Bridge Mates and set up a regular schedule to replace the batteries.


Business Ad Hoc Committee: No discussion


Old Business:


  1. Establish Chairperson of Committees:


Hospitality:  Dale Overman has accepted the position of chair. Roma has agreed to recognize birthdays and to send cards, etc. as needed for care and concern.

Club Maintenance; No chair recognized

Education: Pat Pearlman

Business Ad Hoc: David Case

Tournaments, Ad Hoc: No chair

Disciplinary, Ad Hoc: President is chair


Chairpersons will decide how to solicit committee members.


  1. Status of Saturday game: Not ready to do yet


  1. Thank you to Sara Ito: Sharon moved and Roma seconded that we give her a nice card and $300. Approved.


  1. Distribute Roster: Board members will each call a list of members to find out who is still interested, who is playing on line, who is playing face to face, etc. Roster will be distributed after findings from phone calls. It was suggested that we add the ACBL numbers to roster.


  1. Time of arrival for FTF games: 10 minutes prior to start of game and penalties are being given for those who are late.


  1. Amount of donation to school at the end of year: We will give $1,000.


  1. President will do a newsletter after this meeting to all members. She will send to Pat for editing.


  1. February Sectional: After some discussion, it was decided to turn this over the the Unit chair.



New Business:


1.Additional FTF directors. Some discussion. Louise, Dean, Dale and Kelly will become directors.


  1. Some discussion on keeping money in reserve for Bridgemates ($4,000), Dealing Machine ($5,000), new computer ($2,000)


  1. Dorothy will put something in the newsletter about members being able to attend board meetings, but make it clear that they cannot make motions or vote.


  1. Louise is going to look into getting table covers.


  1. Pat moved and Roma seconded that we add an additional member at large board member so that there will be an odd number of board members. Approved. Board members recommended Dale Overman. Dorothy to ask David how we should do this.


Next meeting is scheduled for July 20 at 1:00 at Pat’s home.


Meeting adjourned at 2:45.


Respectfully submitted, Roma Johnson, Secretary