KBC Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of August 9, 2023

KBC Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 am before the bridge game at the club house.  In attendance were Pat Pearlman, Scott Church, Lou Brentano, Dan and Marlene Sabo, Penny Kallaus and Jean Zoeller (by phone).  

Minutes from the May 3 meeting were reviewed and approved.


Treasurer:  Scott gave out a KBC operating statement showing that thru July we had a little over $6,ooo in our general fund and we now have $15,000 in a CD.  He just paid $600 to the school for rent.  There was some discussion about whether we needed our P.O. Box since Scott gets the bank statements online.

Club Manager:  Jean is having trouble getting people to use the sign up option to say they will be playing in certain games.  People respond to her emails but do not go to the sign up site.  It would be helpful to know if we have enough people for the game and how many tables to set up, etc. if people would sign up.

General discussion:  Pat and Dan will talk to the school to find out the status of our snack room.  Looks like they still plan to use it for a teacher’s office.  If so, we would like to get something in return.  It was proposed that we should get them to sign an agreement to possibly extend our lease.  We also agreed to buy new shade screens for the front of the building and we would like the school to agree to install them.  

We agreed to reimburse Louise W. for expense she incurred for the upgraded drop box she had started for the club several years ago.  She has now canceled the unnecessary upgraded version and we have now started using the basic free drop box.  

We need to nominate new officers.  Pat no longer wants to be President.  She will be sending out a general email asking for suggestions and people willing to be part of the KBC board of officers.  Instead of having a vice Pres., we thought about having a co-president.  It was suggested to Pat that she could be less pressured if she delegated a lot of what she considers her responsibilities.  We also need someone to help with hospitality, restocking snacks, etc.  (Robin?) 

Education:  Pat A. would like us to list her social bridge game on our web site.  We decided that would not be appropriate.

Date for annual meeting will be September 27th.

Marlene will officiate our meeting in September.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:15 and we enjoyed lunch from Killer Taco.

Minutes of January 11, 2023

KBC Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 4 pm after the bridge game at the club house.  In attendance were Pat Pearlman, Scott Church, Sharon Weber, Lew Brentano, Dan Sabo, Marlene Sabo, Cheryl Blatt,  Jean Zoeller and Penny Kallaus.

Minutes from the October 19th meeting were reviewed and approved.


Treasurer:  Scott read a letter from Makua Lani thanking us for our $1000 donation.  He reported that as of the end of November our bank balance was $20,961 but that it is approx $20,200 at present.  There was a discussion on whether we needed to increase the price of our games from $5 to $7 to cover the actual cost of running our games and it was agreed that we should do so starting next Wednesday, the 18th.  ( There has been a large drop in income that we receive from BBO and we are presently operating at a loss).

Club Manger:  Jean reported that ACBL will be increasing their table fee for clubs and will also be increasing the amount of points paid to players based on the amount of boards in play (over 18.)  We agreed that we will play at least 24 boards at our future games (beginners 18)

She also reports that we really need more directors.  Patrick says he will not be available till after he is done at the Four Seasons (next spring) except for special games or tournaments.  She could also use help with the email partnership job she’s doing.  

All the games between now and June will be special games (more points).  

Unit Pres:  Dan reported that the BBO tables numbers are dropping steadily but we are still able to keep our Saturday and Monday games going (a lot of Honolulu players like to play in our games)

He gave a report on our upcoming Kona Sectional.  We lost $ last year but have raised the prices for this year’s games to $15 and we are expecting more tables.    Lunch will be every day with a small breakfast.  Different committees could use help with set up and breakdown.  We will have a 299r section at each game, even during the Swiss.  Cheryl is doing hospitality, Penny is doing partnership, Dan is doing safety.  Although ACBL does not require masks,  people will be asked to wear masks if requested by others at the table.  Sharon is in charge of boards but we need to train others that aren’t players since if you make boards you are not eligible for the overall awards.  

Education:  The Saturday beginner group is almost done and they can hopefully start playing in some 0 – 25 point games (one scheduled this next Wednesday at the regular game). 

 Patrick will be doing 3 intermediate classes starting the last Saturday in January and first 2 in Feb. mornings before the open game.   The club needs to publicize and schedule these classes.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.