KBC Newsletter

KBC Newsletter
May 2021
Aloha Kona Bridge Club members!
Your new Board has been busy regrouping since our year long hiatus.
We started Face to Face (FTF) bridge in April on Wednesdays with a limit of 6 tables.
We enjoyed seeing our friends again, albeit with masks on.  Now that we can take our masks off and increase the number of tables, we hope to get enough players for a Saturday game. Our new protocol allows more tables and no masks since our venue is basically outdoors.  We do require, however, that all players have been vaccinated.
We have been reaching out to call all our members to update our list. We want to know about your online bridge experience, your future with ACBL bridge and the Kona Bridge Club, and if you want to continue to be on the list.
Louise Weidner has taken on the responsibility of Club Manager and is digging right in! She is getting to know all her responsibilities so that she can then delegate. Dorothy Case, and our newest director Sharon Weber, alternate Wednesday games. Patrick Kallaus is busy directing the Unit online games. Sharon is also directing online. Many players are pitching in to help set up and take down the FTF games.
Financially our club is doing well financially thanks to the Unit’s sharing of the BBO online table fees.
ACBL is also doing well with the online bridge.
We have established some working committees for the club operation:
Hospitality: Kate Claeys
Education: Pat Pearlman. 
Club Maintenance: Louise Weidner
We will be asking members to join these committees in the future as needed.
We hope every club member will get involved where interested.
The Unit plans to hold the Sectional tournament again over President’s Day weekend,
Feb. 19 – 20, 2022.
We have paid the school $600 for rent for the year and will give a $1,000 donation in December. Maukua Lani has had full classes all year and has used the Bridge Building for classrooms to accommodate social distancing. They have asked that we not come on campus until 12:30 PM on weekday games during school. We need to be out by 5 when another group comes into the building. Now in the summer we can come earlier. Saturday is their preferred day for us during school.
We would like to honor Sara Ito for her many years of tireless service as the Club Manager. The transition happened after lock down so we have not had an opportunity to honor her until now. Please join us to celebrate, Wednesday, June 16. We will have a lunch at noon before the 1:00pm game. 
Thanks for your participation.
Dorothy Case, President