KBC Presidents Newsletter

KBC President Newsletter, Aug 10, 2021

The KBC Board met July 20.  Here are some things that happened at the meeting:

1.      Pat Pearlman is now our Safety Coordinator.  She is checking vaccination records for all players.  Covid vaccinations are required to play in Face-to-Face bridge.  Recently we also instituted a mask mandate due to the highly contagious Delta variant.  At this time, all players must always wear masks properly, except when eating.  Please eat or drink away from the tables.

2.     We have a new computer!  Thank you for being patient with our computer issues.  Thank you to Patrick Kallaus for all his help as we transition.

3.     Dan Sabo reported on the February 19, 20, 21 Sectional.  Plans are moving forward smoothly. The Chair is Jean Zoeller.  A copy of the schedule is also available.

4.     The Education Committee has started a FTF “brush up” class on Saturdays at 1:00.  Call Pat Pearlman 808-990-5686, if you know someone who might want to take up bridge again, or just wants a review before returning to play. Pat Aldred has a wealth of interesting lessons to present.  You may have seen our West Hawaii Today ads in the Upcoming Events column.

5.     David Case reported on his analysis of the ByLaws and tax status of the club.  Because of his thorough analysis and contribution, The Board unanimously voted him to the KBC Board.  We now have an odd number (7) of members.

6.     Kate Claeys sewed the new table covers.

7.     Louise Weidner is becoming a Director.

8.     Our annual KBC meeting will be September 1st at our Wednesday FTF bridge game. 

9.     Please plan on coming to this special game and meeting.  The Board of Directors will be voted on again by all.  All the present Board members have agreed to serve again for 2021-2022.  Let me know if you would like to serve on the Board.

Dorothy Case, KBC Board President