2015 July Board Minutes

I. Meeting called to order at 10:06 a.m.

II. Attendance: Dan Sabo, Craig Ross, Sue Kaneta, Chuck Clark, LIz Holey, Sara Ito, Jim Elstran, Bev Jefferson, Kathy Golitzen, Rexanne Ring, Sally and Walt Bobb. Absent – Shirley Decker ( off-island).

III. Minutes approved.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Jim stated that we have $16,000. Dan is working on a monthly financial statement.

V. Old Business

1. AED ( automated external defibrillator) is now located at left of the front door.
2. Jumbo Cards – need to order more. Liz will take care of it.

VI. New Business

1.Committee and Board Updates

  • Education – Rexanne noted that we now have two novice tables playing on Wed. Also Dan is offering a middle school elective Bridge for Kids class on Friday afternoons at Kuleana Education.
  • Hospitality – we need to order more drink holders
  • Media – Bev shared that the paper has been cooperative ( better organized).
  • Website – running well thanks to Sara.
  • Unit Board – Bridge games at Mauna Kea Beach on Sundays, October 4, and Dec.13. Club members fee for the brunch will be $ 25.

2. Donation to hospice $ 100 for Rab Puri

3.Purchase of new tables – Sara & Chuck -Looking at 10 tables at Target for $ 30 plus tax

4. Pay for making of boards – the board voted and decided on keeping this on a voluntary basis.

5. Club game schedule for next school year – After one meeting with the admin and board, it was agreed that we will continue to negotiate at the next meeting, next Friday; hopefully, with better results. Dan, Liz and Craig will fight the good fight.

6.Non-profit status – Dan and Craig – we are already a C-7 under the IRS – we’ll leave it at that.

7. Next meeting will be a general meeting on Wed, Sept. 9th after the game – Election of Officers will take place.

Meeting adjourned at 12:35 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Sue Kaneta, Secretary


2015 April Board Minutes

I. Call to order at 10:09 a.m.

II. Attendance – Dan Sabo, Sue Kaneta, Chuck Clark, Bev Jefferson, Shirley Decker, Rexanne Ring, Jim Elstran, Sara Ito, Sally and Walt Bobb. Absent: Liz Holey, Kathy Golitzen, Craig Ross

III. Approval of minutes: motion made, seconded, all agreed.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Made by Jim Elstran – approximately $13,000 at end of March.

Dan presented a financial statement spreadsheet for 2014 and through March 2015. This is to get an understanding of how much KBC’s monthly income and expenses are from month to month.

It was suggested that the board look into purchasing some new bridge tables in the near future.

V. Old Business

1. AED Training – Gail Hadovsky ordered a wall case and suggested that it should be hung by the fire extinguisher. Will need school’s approval.

Vl. New Business – 1. Committee Updates

* Education – Rexi’s’ s class ends tonight after 5 sessions – break for 2 weeks, then another class, beginning May 7th. Class VERY successful – 8 tables – plan is to integrate the new players within our games in June – minimum 2 1/2 tables, using 18 boards. Marlene made up Bridge name tags which will be given out Thursday evening. Matt ( a middle school teacher) will be working with Dan to begin a class with 12 of his students – called Kids Bridge – ACBL will supply lots of support.

*Hospitality -Sally & Walt suggested that the first Wednesday Birthday celebration would suffice – board agreed.

* Media – Bev informed us the WHT is still in a state of flux -The Coconut may have been discontinued – she’ll keep us updated.

* Website – Sara shared that Manny Rodrigues will be updating our software.

2. Donation to Hospice – for Bob Bailey – in amt. of $100 -moved and seconded.

3. Sectional 2015 & 2016 – Feb.19-21. Rexanne will be Chairperson – lots of discussion on innovative ideas – to be continued at a later date.

4. New Playing Cards – Liz will order one set of Jumbo Print cards. There will be further discussion after they arrive and are in use.

5.Club Game Schedule – Makua Lani will not be offering summer school. Dan will conduct a poll at the next three games to assess the desires of members for this summer and perhaps beyond. There are 4 choices

A.) Mon. and Wed. at 1:00, Thurs. at 9:00

B.) Tues. at 9:00, Wed. and Fri. at 1:00;

C.)Leave it as it is now and

D.) Mon. at 1:00 and Wed. and Thurs. at 9:00.

A separate question to gauge the interest level of members – possible Sat. lunch potluck or early weeknight potluck ( done by 7:00)

6. Non-profit status – We will have to refile to receive 501c4 status. Cost – $850 (approved 5-1 vote). Craig Ross and Dan Sabo are looking into changing into 501c3 status. Difference – c4 donations are NOT tax deductible – c3 donations are.

7. Other – Club Manager must be appointed every July 1st. Unanimous vote to reappoint Liz Holey for 7/1/15 to 6/30/16.

Next meeting – General- Sept. 3rd or 4th. Bev will organize the Nomination Committee.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm.

Submitted by Sue Kaneta, Secretary

2015 January Board Minutes

I. Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m.

II. Attendance – Dan, Jim,Sue, Craig, Liz, Shirley, Rexanne

lll. Minutes approved

lV. Treasurer’s Report – Jim reported that he’s getting caught up on bank deposits.

V. Old Business

1. Education – Rexanne reported that our request for a room to teach bridge “gratis” at the school was respectfully denied by the Principal. We do, however have three members who are offering to teach – on a variety of levels. We will continue to look for venues for classes.

2. Dealing Machines – have a safe home – locks have been changed and four keys are out.

3 . Bridge Pads – it was decided to turn off the percentages until after the Big Island Sectional and then we’ll revisit the issue.

4. Bridge Building – Jim will leave a check for Makua Lani Academy for $600 with Dan today to pay for 2015 maintenance.

Vl. New Business

1. Committee and Board Updates

Education – Etiquette tips should be given by directors before all games – short and sweet. Still looking for another venue for classes.

Hospitality – Rexanne, Sally and Walt are on it – plants were sent to Barbara and Bob at Life Care. Walt suggested name tags for visitors. Will be done for members and visitors alike.

Media – Bev is doing a great job – scores in WHT for January, and the announcements of our games published weekly in the Coconut.

Website – We are fortunate to have Sara at the helm.

2. First Aid – CPR/AED Awareness class – Friday, Feb. 27th after the game, from 12:30-1:45 . We’ll have a sign-up sheet.

3. Sectional – Feb 20-22. Liz is in charge – we need printer cartridge for the tournament.

4. Our Next Board Meeting will be Thurs., April 16. (On Feb.27, after the CPR meeting; we’ll discuss bridge pads.)


2014 September General Membership Minutes

Kona Bridge Club General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm by President Dan Sabo.

In attendance were:

Dan Sabo, Dean Jenkins, Sue Kaneta, Jim Elstran, Shirley Decker, Chuck Clark, Rexanne Ring, Liz Holey, Marlene Sabo, JoAn Hill, Alice Goo, Ellie Ramsey, Polly Beynon, Sue Brown, Rose White, Beth Reid.

The Nominating Committee presented the current officers and Board members as the slate for this year’s election. No further nominations were made. By a unanimous voice vote, the presented slate of nominees were re-elected for the coming year. They are:

Dan Sabo – President

Board Members:

Dean Jenkins – Vice-President Chuck Clark

Sue Kaneta – Secretary Shirley Decker

Jim Elstran – Treasurer Kathy Golitzen

Rexanne Ring

Craig Ross


Unit Game – Sunday, September 14th

Swiss Teams – Wednesdays, Oct. 15, 22, 29

Brunch and Unit Game at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel – Sunday Oct. 19th

Sign up for both or just the game. Cost and sign-ups will be announced later.

Special thanks to Sally and Walt Bobb, who keep us well supplied with snacks for our games!!

Additional volunteers needed for Hospitality Committee:

to arrange special treats/snacks twice a month.

Send cards or flowers for hospital stays, condolences, etc.

Agenda items discussed:

Discussion about the possibility of purchasing a dealing machine. Further research, discussion and decision to be made by the KBC Board.

It was suggested that we look into possibly having more games on Sundays and also possibly a late afternoon or night game once a week. Also suggested we begin our Monday & Wednesday morning games at 8:45 am so we won’t be rushed at the end.

Dan will check with the school about scheduling.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

2014 June Board Minutes

Minutes from Kona Bridge Club Directors Meeting held June 18, 2014

1. Meeting called to order by Dan Sabo at 10:06 A.M.

2. Attendance -Rexanne, Craig, Dean, Chuck, Liz, Kathy, Shirley, Sue, Dan

Welcome new members – Craig and Rexanne

3. Approval of Minutes as corrected.

4. Treasurer’s Report as amended – $14,700 from Jim (absent due to dental appt.) Finance update from Liz

Old Business

1. Mission Statement proposed by Dan and approved by board – Our mission is to promote the friendly fun and challenge of bridge,and support educational and playing opportunities for bridge enthusiasts.

2. Website – Dean -We need to promote our website – club results are posted both by the ACBL and on our website. Marlene took pictures of the board to post on our website. One suggestion to expand the site was to post birthdays of the month.

3. Bridge Etiquette Brochure – the language needs to be corrected as to North-South’s responsibility for turning the boards. This will be corrected when we exhaust our supply of brochures.

New Business

1. Club Manager – Liz will continue her considerable work for another year – moved and seconded by the board.

2. Bridge Building – meeting scheduled in July with Makualani principal, who is in Japan now with a student group. Some discussion on raising our game fees to prepare for upcoming changes. new fee – $5 as of August approved by board. Some discussion on purchasing a card dealing machine ensued. Craig will accompany Dan to July meeting. This works well, as Craig’s expertise is in mediation.

3. Game Directors – follow-up report on their meeting – responsibility to reinforce no lessons at the table, zero tolerance . North American Pairs – open – 1500 & above (A); 500 & above (B) and below 500 (C) by average.

4. Bridge Pads – West can only hit “Next” once, then return the pad to North, who can give a summary of results if requested. This should keep the game moving.

5. Hospitality – Sally and Walt Bobb are in charge.

6. Board Manuals – Officers should prepare a manual for his or her position to pass on.

7. Other – Jim Mills will probably not be back, as he’s changed his club membership.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 P.M.

2014 March Board Minutes

Minutes from Kona Bridge Club Directors Meeting held March 26, 2014 at the Sabo Residence

I. Meeting was called to order By Dan Sabo at 10:06 A.M.

II. Attendance – Dan Sabo, Dean Jenkins, Sue Kaneta, Jim Elstran, Shirley Decker, Chuck Clark and Liz Holey

III. Approval of minutes from 2/7/14 moved and seconded.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Jim reported balance as $13,600 – finance update by Liz and Dan -Thank you note from Dan to Linda & George for donation.

V. Old Business Sectional Report – Sectional made $851 ( Allen)

VI. New Business

1. Board members

Shirley Decker joined the Board after unanimous approval. Dean resigned as a Unit Board Rep. A replacement will be appointed later.

2. Update on Bridge Building

Dan has learned from Kaeo Duarte that we should be ok until Sept. Dan will keep us updated.

3. Game Directors

Liz makes up the schedule two months in advance. Some discussion took place about free play for directors and managers. This was approved by a vote of the board. The directors should be an example of consistency and courtesy. They must maintain the pace of the games. Some discussion dealt with training and tuition issues, but no decisions were made. Dan will call a Game Directors meeting in the near future.

4. Proposed game changes – some discussion, no resolution

5. By-Laws

The following changes were approved: Sec. 2.2 Annual meeting of the members was changed to the first Friday in September of each year; Sec 3.4 Annual meeting of he board of directors was changed to the second Friday in September of each year.

6. Committee Updates

We need recommendations from the committee chairs. For example,ACBL has educational grants, and hospitality needs to set appropriate limits for special circumstances i.e. a death in the family. We need input from Sue Brown and Shelley.

7. Bridge Etiquette Brochure

Dan provided a sample we hope to make available to all members.

8. Website – short discussion on updating ours.

9. Mission statement – need to create a short and sweet one – some discussion


Meeting adjourned at 12:47 P.M.

Submitted by Sue Kaneta