President’s Update

Aloha KBC members,

♥️We have had a fabulous fall and spring with many events and lots of tables! As snowbirds are leaving, we are losing not only players but volunteers:

♠️We are losing our Master of the Dealing Machine, Bill Blatt, for May – November. Fred Luiszer has stepped up to the plate and will take over in May. Bill said Fred is a “Natural” so I’m sure we will be well taken care of. Fred and Julya are new players to the club. They are long ago Goren players who have been updating their game and will be new regulars at the tables.

♥️We are losing our Hospitality Chair, Cheryl Blatt, May – November. She preps and supplies the weekly drinks and snacks, with coffee help from Richard. She also manages the food for the annual meeting in the fall, as well as any other special events dreamed up. We need a seasonal replacement.

♦️We are losing our manager, Jean Zoeller, May – September. Jean is irreplaceable so will manage some things from afar with the help of local feet on the ground. One of her jobs, however, is that of finding partners. We need a volunteer for this ongoing involvement. Or, we need someone who will setup and manage an online system like they use in Waikoloa.

♥️Of course we need Directors.

♣️And we need players. We need a minimum of 3 tables to play. Last year, we continued with the weekly Wednesday game but had to cancel the Saturday game through the summer until fall. This year we hope we won’t need to do it again, but the Saturday game may be in jeopardy.

♥️Let us know if you would like to take over helping with any of the above.

♦️ Also please let us know your thoughts or ideas. We will be having a board meeting soon and will discuss these issues.

Pat Pearlman, President
Marlene Sabo, Vice President
Penny Kallaus, Secretary
Scott Church, Treasurer
Sharon Weber
Lew Brentano

Mahalo for your involvement in KBC